[rt-users] Email access to existing tickets

Edward Speyer edward.rt at qubesoft.com
Mon Apr 23 12:23:04 EDT 2007

Just as an update on my problem, I've done two things:

  - Given "Everyone" the right to "ReplyToTicket" again, meaning that
    naughty customers can theoretically correspond on other customers
    tickets even though they aren't Requestors on those tickets...

  - ...except that I also have the following "On Correspond" Scrip:

      my $creator = $self->TransactionObj->CreatorObj;

      if ($self->TicketObj->Requestors->HasMember($creator->PrincipalObj)) {
        return 1;
      else {
        my $new_ticket = RT::Ticket->new($RT::SystemUser);
          Queue => 'References',
          Requestor => [ $creator->EmailAddress ],
          Subject => 'Reference ticket'
        return 1;

To finish my Scrip, I need to do the following things:

  - add the original Transaction ($self->TransactionObj) to $new_ticket,

  - *stop* the original Transaction from being added to the original
    ticket ($self->TicketObj).

Is that possible?


ps: many thanks to jibsheet on #rt for suggesting "RT-Extension-MergeUsers":


which will be able to mash two users together as one in the DB --
something I'll need if I see that one user is using two email addresses

Edward Speyer

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