[rt-users] Charset error in subject when using Danish letters (æøå / ÆØÅ)

Brian Kjelin Olsen BKO at schilling.dk
Wed Apr 25 05:26:12 EDT 2007

During our correspondence with our customers by mail through the RT system, the Danish letters (æøå / ÆØÅ) is getting unreadable when they are placed in the subject.
Any ideas would be most welcome.

Example:         "Subject: Fwd: [support.schilling.dk #120841] Sÿgefunktion på kunde. ÿBLEGRÿDÿ - ÿblegrÿdå"
Correct subject: "Subject: Fwd: [support.schilling.dk #120841] Søgefunktion på kunde. ÆBLEGRØDÅ - æblegrødå"

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Test svar.

ÆBLEGRØDÅ - æblegrødå


Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
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