[rt-users] Close with and without notification

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Wed Apr 25 10:23:16 EDT 2007

On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 07:42:17AM -0600, Warren Macey wrote:
> Hi all,
> Currently I have RT set up tht it sends notification of a ticket closure to
> the client with a link to a customer support satisfaction survey.  There
> exists some instances where we may not want this email to be sent.
> For example, in the event that the ticket is closed and then the customer
> emails back to say "thanks" it currently re-opens the ticket (which we still
> want to happen just in case it should be re-opened) and then when the tech
> closes the ticket again it sends the "ticket resolved" email again.
> I had a brainwave that said that I could add some custom field and write a
> scrip condition that would check this field on resolve to see if it should
> send the notice or not, but this seemed a little "hokey" to me and I just
> wonder if there is a better, more efficient, way to accomplish this.
> Regards,
> Warren Macey

This is exactly what we do here with a custom field called
"Send Resolve Notice" which defaults to Yes and is set to No
once the resolve notice has been sent once to prevent future


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