[rt-users] Groups of Self Service Requestors - is this possible?

James Alspach jalspach at shastacoe.org
Wed Apr 25 12:26:07 EDT 2007

I am just starting to test RT to possibly roll out to our site and have
run across an issue I can not seem to solve.

What I have seen so far is that a user is either privileged, which means
they see the full blown web interface but, I can select what queues they
have access to, or they are unprivileged which means they see what ever
queues are assigned to 'everyone' but they get the nice simple self
service screen.  The problem is that I essentially want to have groups
of unprivileged users, which is not really an option.

What I need is to have the ability to select which queues different
groups of requestors have access to but, I want them to have the simple
self service interface. 

Is this possible?  If not I can probably work around the issue but I
wanted to ask before I just gave up.


Thanks for your help;






James Alspach
Systems Applications Technician

Shasta County Office of Education

1644 Magnolia avenue

Redding, California

jalspach at shastacoe.org <mailto:jalspach at shastacoe.org> 
(530) 225-0293


IT Hotline: 225-0279

hotline at shastacoe.org <mailto:hotline at shastacoe.org> 


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