[rt-users] Close with and without notification

Schultz, Eric ESchultz at corp.untd.com
Wed Apr 25 12:49:51 EDT 2007

> > I had a brainwave that said that I could add some custom 
> field and write
> > a scrip condition that would check this field on resolve to 
> see if it
> > should send the notice or not, but this seemed a little 
> "hokey" to me and
> > I just wonder if there is a better, more efficient, way to 
> accomplish
> > this.
> we use my patch which introduces a new (virtuel) status 
> "resolved (quiet)". 
> Depending on your RT version you can find it:
> <http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/~pape/rt3/patches/rt/silently_res
> olve.patch>
> <http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/~pape/rt3/patches/rt/silently_res
> olve-3.2.3.patch>
> <http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/~pape/rt3/patches/rt/silently_res
> olve-3.3.patch>
> the latter works until 3.6.3 (and will maybe work in higher 
> versions, too).
> regards,
> Dirk.

What I would like to see is a checkbox that you can click to turn off
sending email for *any* reply (just for that reply), rather than only
for setting a particular status.  I already have it so that setting the
status to 'deleted' does not generate email.  I tried to code a solution
to this, but it was flawed.

Eric Schultz
United Online

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