[rt-users] Attachment issue on RT 3.6.3

Brian Gallew geek+rt at cmu.edu
Sun Apr 29 19:54:40 EDT 2007

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Apr 24, 2007, at 3:59 AM, Mario Rimann wrote:
>> Hi!
>> We've freshly set up RT on a Gentoo box and most of it runs very well by
>> now. Most tickets will be opened through incoming emails.
>> This is my current issue: Only text attachments are saved to the 
>> database.
>> All other (tested with JPG) file types that are sent in via mail (inline
>> or as attachment) or attached on the web GUI don't work.

We had the same problem.  In our case, the problem was: MySQL database
created with a default encoding of UTF8.  The solution for us was to
modify the RT code where it opens up the database connection to
immediately issue the appropriate commands to reset the session to
binary mode.

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