[rt-users] History Display for a Ticket

Scott T. Hildreth shildreth at allantgroup.com
Thu Aug 2 10:34:09 EDT 2007

I know I must be missing something obvious hear, but I can't find the
answer.   I've had complaints about updates not displaying for a ticket.
The email would go out, but the reply was not shown in the Ticket
History.   I looked into it and saw the data was there just not
displaying on the web page.  So I set the $OldestTransactionsFirst
to '0' and the data showed up to the top of the history.  This turned
to be an option the users wanted anyways.  My question is how do you 
access the history data that is not showing on the page?  


Scott T. Hildreth <shildreth at allantgroup.com>

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