[rt-users] Re: Using RTx::shredder (v0.06)

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Thu Aug 2 18:05:29 EDT 2007

--- Ruslan Zakirov <ruslan.zakirov at gmail.com> wrote:

> > rtx-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=status,deleted;queue,general'
> this call delete 10 (see option limit) tickets in general queue with
> status equal to deleted.

Excellent, the above command works, and it writes an SQL timestamped file.

> > And does rtx-shredder --plugin 'Users=<USERNAME>' remove the user?
> yes, however it deletes only disabled users.

I searched for disabled users and the user "Mike" does shows up in RT. 
However, I cannot removed the disabled user.  The below command returns as
follow, and the SQL file is empty

rtx-shredder --plugin 'Users=Mike'      
SQL dump file is '/opt/rt3/local/sbin/20070802T214537-0001.sql'
Couldn't load plugin
Error: Plugin doesn't support argument(s): Mike



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