[rt-users] Trying to change the logo. Fedora Core 7, RT3.6.3 yum install

Joe Casadonte joe.casadonte at oracle.com
Wed Aug 8 08:14:29 EDT 2007

On 8/7/2007 5:20 AM, Luke E Morgan wrote:

> I'm sure I'm just missing something simple, but I cannot seem to change 
> the BP logo on my install of RT 3.6.3 on Fedora Core 7.
> I've installed RT using yum (lazy I know, but it works apart from this 
> issue).
> It has been installed into
> /usr/share/rt3
> I've created /usr/local/rt3/html/Elements/
> and copied the Logo file into that directory.
> I've added the logo I want to use into /usr/share/rt3/html/NoAuth/images
> It is a 92x50pixels jpeg.

I'm using 3.6.3 (not from yum, though) and I have done the same thing, 
up to this point.  However, I have something different for the Logo file 

> Following suggestions from the wiki and the mailing list archives, I put 
> this line into the Logo file :
> <a href="<%$RT::LogoLinkURL%>"><img src="<%$RT::LogoURL%>" 
> alt="Intranet" width="<%$RT::LogoWidth%>" height="<%$RT::LogoHeight%>" 
> /></a>

<a href="<%$RT::WebBaseURL%>"><img 
src="<%$RT::WebImagesURL%>my-logo.jpg" alt="Alternate Logo" width="139" 
height="20" /></a>

Where WebBaseURL and WebImagesURL are:

Set($WebBaseURL , "http://machine.domain.com");
Set($WebImagesURL , $WebPath . "/NoAuth/images/"); # default
Set($WebPath , "");                                # default

Cleared the cache and that was it.


Joe Casadonte
joe.casadonte at oracle.com

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