[rt-users] Query to find open tickets where customer hasn't been replied to

Robert Long rlong at bluegecko.net
Thu Aug 9 00:37:12 EDT 2007

Gary Oberbrunner wrote:
> Isn't this a common thing, to want to find the open tickets that aren't
> being handled in a timely fashion?
How about setting up a custom field like  "Where the ball lays" with
values of "Customer" or "Us".  Then write a scrip to flip that value if
one of your people replies to the ticket ( if they're all part of the
same group this would be easy ), and another scrip to flip the value
back if the ticket is updated by someone else (You could do this all in
the same scrip I do suppose, for some reason I opted to do it in two).

Then you can just create a search for 'not resolved' and 'The ball is in
our court'..  I even go so far as to have my RT at a glance configured
so I list tickets I need to respond to separately from those that I have
responded to.



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