[rt-users] Questions about EscalatePriority.pm

Mathew Snyder theillien at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 15:16:06 EDT 2007

1: when a due date is in the following month, does the DueDate in DueDate-Today
come out to the number of days left in the current month + the number of days in
the second month up to the due date?  If a ticket was created on the 5th of Aug
and is due in 30 days it would be due on the 4th of Sept.  So today being the
13th, there would be 19 days left in Aug plus the 4 in Sept for a total of 23.
Does that mean the figures would be 23 - 19?

2: is the day the ticket is created included as one of the days due in?  If a
ticket were created yesterday and is due in three days, would it be due tomorrow?

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