[rt-users] how to add members to user defined group in RT

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Aug 15 13:18:32 EDT 2007


	The "Unprivileged" are already in a group, a "System Group". Sounds 
like you want many little "sub"-unprivileged groups each with a 
different identity so they can each have access to their own queues 
only. Have I got that right? "Unprivileged" by it's natural definition, 
means "without rights/privileges". Yet, you want them to have rights. By 
the act of putting them into user-defined groups with privileges, you 
have tried to make them privileged users without defining them as such 
to the system, while at the same time trying to keep them classified as 
"Unprivileged". You're trying to have it both ways. Why don't you just 
identify them all and put them into little user-defined groups with 
limited rights to certain queues and no rights to the others.
	If you can't always identify them, you could also just not give any 
rights to the "unprivileged" system group for all queues except the 
one(s) they need access to and for those queues give them "CreateTicket" 
and "ReplyToTicket" globally or on a queue basis. I'm not sure about 
closing tickets. Perhaps giving the right "ModifyTicket" only to the 
global role "Owner" would keep other people from messing with other tickets.
	The only problem with the last suggestion is that ALL "unprivileged" 
will have those rights for ALL the queues that allow unprivileged users 
to have rights to that queue.
	I know that sounds confusing (a bit?) but there really should be a way 
to configure these rights in a satisfactory way. I hope this helps.


Akila Amarathunga wrote:
> Hi All,
> I created a user defined group in RT and tried to add non-privilege
> users to it. But when i go to the group->Members tab it shows only the
> privilege users in the system. 
> What I like to do his create user defined group and assign a particular
> queue to it.. After that I want to add users to the group and those
> users can only have limited number of rights...
> Shouldn't RT show the all the users in the system so that admin can add
> required users to the group?
> Is this a bug in RT? (I'm using RT 3.6.1)
> Is it possible ti achieve what I have mention above?
> Thanks,
> Akila
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