[rt-users] Issue with RT system

Robert Long rlong at bluegecko.net
Thu Aug 16 15:16:58 EDT 2007

Hey Tamer,

I would really help to know what all software you are running as
outlined bellow, but chances are your database became corrupted.  You
might want to check your file systems, make sure there is enough free
space, possibly just restoring from your most recent backup will solve
the problem.  This doesn't really sound like a RT problem, more of
something to do with MySQL or the underlying OS.  I could give you a few
commands to run but I have no idea what type of OS you're running this
on.  Are you seeing any type of filesystem or hardware related errors in
the logs?  Is MySQL logging anything?


Tamer Tayea wrote:
> This server has been running for 3 years at least. Today , the server
> wan hung , I had to reboot it ..
> Since rebooting it , I am getting these errors. Yes, the backend is
> mysql.. 
> How I go about fixing this db issue ( I am not expert on DB)
> Thanks
> Tamer
> Tamer -
>     What are you actually running? "RT 3" covers years and years of
> development; 3.6.4 (latest stable) is *worlds* away from RT 3.0. Also,
> when asking for help on this list, you're more likely to get meaningful
> responses if you list all the components -- and versions thereof --
> you're using to run RT: host OS, webserver, database, and RT codebase
> itself.
> Anyway, this is a database problem. "Can't open file: 'Tickets.MYI'"
> says to me that you're using a mysql backend, but the schema hasn't been
> created. Is this a new install? Did you run the database initializer?
> -- 
> /Ole Craig

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