[rt-users] Re: Fresh install and root password "password" doesnt work!

Steve cybr2th at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 16:46:55 EDT 2007

Steve Surles wrote:
> Hi guys, I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 7.04. I used the installation 
> help for Ubuntu on the wiki for 7.04.
> Everything went off without a hitch.
> But I try to log in with u=root pw=password and it tells me invalid user!
> I have search high and low on how to fix but most posts just talk 
> about using MySQL to fix it. Well, I am not using that, per the wiki I 
> have postgres (8.1) installed.
> I am not a programmer, so a clear cut command 1., command 2 list of 
> instructions would be most helpful.
> You help, I send cookies. =-)
> -Steve
Cancel that. I formatted, installed ubuntu 7.04, updates, rt 3.4 
(instead of 3.6) and it worked flawlessly.

Thanks for listening though!

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