[rt-users] Building an older RT instance for testing

Andrew Best festivus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 21:02:25 EDT 2007

Morning all,

I have been tasked with performing two changes to an existing RT-3.4.2 instance:
- install RTFM
- upgrade to the latest and greatest RT

To achieve this I would like to replicate the clients current
production environment (yes its old but its what Ive got):
- FC3
- Apache/2.0.53
- mod_perl1.99 (aka bastardised Redsplat v2.0)

So, ive run up my FC3 test box, patched it (insert laugh here) and
ensured that the same RPMs are installed on the test box as are on the
prod box.

The issue I have now is, that after ive run the 'make testdeps' and
'make fixdeps' and installed all the pre-reqs from CPAN, im ending up
with a missing mod_perl2.pm when I start apache.

I suspect that what is happening is that i'm getting newer modules
from CPAN than when the prod environment was built and these newer
modules depend on mod_perl2. I cant figure out how to confirm this

So, my question is really, am I flogging a dead horse here? I need to
replicate the production environment before touching it and I don't
like my chances of doing that reliably.
Can anyone suggest an alternative strategy for getting RTFM installed safely?
After all these problems I suspect that the prospects of upgrading to
the latest and greatest RT are virtually nil.

There is no gravity the world sucks.
- William Gibson - Pattern Recognition

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