[rt-users] Building an older RT instance for testing

Robert Long rlong at bluegecko.net
Mon Aug 20 00:15:09 EDT 2007

Andrew Best wrote:
> So, my question is really, am I flogging a dead horse here? I need to
> replicate the production environment before touching it and I don't
> like my chances of doing that reliably.
> Can anyone suggest an alternative strategy for getting RTFM installed safely?
> After all these problems I suspect that the prospects of upgrading to
> the latest and greatest RT are virtually nil.

Hey Andrew,

Can you just restore the backups of the production server to the dev
server?  If you don't have backups, you should take one and restore it
to the dev server :P.  You could even just rsync the whole thing over,
just take down the database when you copy over the datafiles..  Probably
easier to clone the prod system than it would be to build out a
FC3...and you'd end up an identical system..

As for upgrading, there are some really good documents on the wiki and
in the rt source package on how to upgrade.  We pulled off a 3.0.x to
3.6.x upgrade + server migration without any data loss.


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