[rt-users] Input from any other University or similar

joby joby at u.washington.edu
Tue Aug 21 22:53:29 EDT 2007

Bob Goldstein wrote:
>> With our current experience with our implementation, we have been
>> considering some sort of Federated solution -- entirely separate
>> instances of RT that know about each other and that can communicate
>> effectively (transfer/link tickets).
>   Not sure what "entirely separate" means, if you can transfer tickets.

Yeah that was a bit unclear.  We are considering an extension which 
would allow you to "transfer" a ticket to an other instance (separate 
database, etc) of RT.

>   We do set up entirely separate instances (same core codebase, but
>   separate databases, separate config files, separate customized code
>   (of which there is little) for departments.  But they are truly
>   separate, no transfer of tickets.   I tell people I don't
>   want to set up multiple instances in a single department, in part
>   because they probably do want to transfer tickets, even if they
>   don't know it yet.

Do you charge departments for the service?

How are you hosting the various instances?  We've considered dedicated 
servers, dedicated VMs, or a cluster of that services multiple vhosts.


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