[rt-users] Input from any other University or similar

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Tue Aug 21 21:46:51 EDT 2007

>I've been running RT in production for almost 2 years in a fairly large
>implementation for just the University of Washington's Computing and
>Communications (central IT infrastructure).  We're just about to 220K
>tickets, after a fairly slow roll out.  Last week we had more than 2700
>new tickets -- and that is during Summer our slowest period.
>But now we're in the process of investigating offering RT as a service
>to the rest of the campus, which would involve supporting several
>similarly sized departments, and many smaller departments.
>I am curious if there is anyone else on the list that is currently doing
>something similar.

>With our current experience with our implementation, we have been
>considering some sort of Federated solution -- entirely separate
>instances of RT that know about each other and that can communicate
>effectively (transfer/link tickets).

  Not sure what "entirely separate" means, if you can transfer tickets.

  We do set up entirely separate instances (same core codebase, but
  separate databases, separate config files, separate customized code
  (of which there is little) for departments.  But they are truly
  separate, no transfer of tickets.   I tell people I don't
  want to set up multiple instances in a single department, in part
  because they probably do want to transfer tickets, even if they
  don't know it yet.


>Any input or experience would be useful.  Thanks,
>Joby Walker
>C&C SSG, University of Washington
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