[rt-users] Seeking notification method advice

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Wed Aug 22 11:33:48 EDT 2007

Hi Tim,

The number of schools is small enough that I'd do it this way:
1.  Create a group with the same name as each school (BHS in this 
case).  The members of the group are the respective techs.  This lets you 
scale to multiple techs at a single location or have a single tech cover 
multiple locations.
2.  When you get the info from your LDAP query (BHS), use it to get the 
e-mail address of each member of the BHS group, then send your notification 
to the resulting e-mail list.
3.  As techs come and go, just update the group membership.

Have fun!

At 08:04 PM 8/21/2007, Tim Wilson wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Our RT system is used throughout our school district which includes eight 
>different schools. Each school has its own technician who handles the vast 
>majority of tech support requests at that school. All of our RT tickets 
>feed into a central queue called "Incidents," a design decision that 
>allows our techs to help one another by dipping into the Incidents queue 
>to grab tickets when they have time.
>I just finished a scrip action that sets a custom field for each ticket in 
>the Incidents queue based on the result of an LDAP query. For example, if 
>a teacher from our high school submits a ticket, a ticket custom field 
>called "Building" gets set to "BHS".
>Now here's the issue: I'd like to notify the technician at a particular 
>school when someone from that school submits a ticket. I don't want to set 
>the tech as the ticket owner because it's possible that another tech will 
>actually grab it. And I don't want to overwhelm all the techs by notifying 
>them of every incoming ticket.
>What's the best approach?
>Would it help to create a user custom field and set that to the building too?
>Could I use the SendEmailAction for this and create a version of the 
>template for each of the techs? 
>I'd love to hear what some of you think.
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