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Tim Wilson twilson at buffalo.k12.mn.us
Wed Aug 22 17:09:12 EDT 2007


This looks like a useful and flexible approach. I already have an "On Create" scrip that inspects the requestor and sets the "Building" custom field from the user's LDAP record. Now it seems to me that the best approach going forward is to create a scrip that triggers whenever that custom field gets changed. That should fire off after the original On Create scrip runs and anytime the field is changed subsequently, right? (I can imagine a situation where the Building CF would be set incorrectly requiring some manual intervention. Tying the scrip to that CF value changing would be useful in that situation.)

For the Condition, I'll use the custom one referenced in the wiki here:

The template seems straightforward too.

That leaves me with a question about the scrip action. To make it as generalizable as possible, wouldn't I want to create an Action as a perl module (let's call it "Notify Building Tech Team") that grabs the newly changed "Building" custom field value and then pulls the list of techs from the corresponding group? This shouldn't require a custom action for each different building right?

Next question: Who can build this for me? It's well outside my perl comfort zone, and I'll pay the going rate. Send me a private email if you're interested.



>>> On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 10:33 AM, in message
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> Hi Tim,
> The number of schools is small enough that I'd do it this way:
> 1.  Create a group with the same name as each school (BHS in this 
> case).  The members of the group are the respective techs.  This lets you 
> scale to multiple techs at a single location or have a single tech cover 
> multiple locations.
> 2.  When you get the info from your LDAP query (BHS), use it to get the 
> e- mail address of each member of the BHS group, then send your notification 
> to the resulting e- mail list.
> 3.  As techs come and go, just update the group membership.
> Have fun!
> Gene
> At 08:04 PM 8/21/2007, Tim Wilson wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>Our RT system is used throughout our school district which includes eight 
>>different schools. Each school has its own technician who handles the vast 
>>majority of tech support requests at that school. All of our RT tickets 
>>feed into a central queue called "Incidents," a design decision that 
>>allows our techs to help one another by dipping into the Incidents queue 
>>to grab tickets when they have time.
>>I just finished a scrip action that sets a custom field for each ticket in 
>>the Incidents queue based on the result of an LDAP query. For example, if 
>>a teacher from our high school submits a ticket, a ticket custom field 
>>called "Building" gets set to "BHS".
>>Now here's the issue: I'd like to notify the technician at a particular 
>>school when someone from that school submits a ticket. I don't want to set 
>>the tech as the ticket owner because it's possible that another tech will 
>>actually grab it. And I don't want to overwhelm all the techs by notifying 
>>them of every incoming ticket.
>>What's the best approach?
>>Would it help to create a user custom field and set that to the building too?
>>Could I use the SendEmailAction for this and create a version of the 
>>template for each of the techs? 
>>I'd love to hear what some of you think.
>>- Tim
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Tim Wilson, Director of Technology
Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools
214 1st Ave NE   Buffalo, MN  55313
ph: 763.682.8740  fax: 763.682.8743  http://www.buffalo.k12.mn.us

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