[rt-users] Scrip Help needed (grabbing Organization)

Sean stroke_of_death at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 14:34:10 EDT 2007

This did it. 

It was actually that we have a default incoming queue, and certain team members
are say, unix, and others are network, so when someone in the network team took
at ticket, it would move to the network queue (vs. having their own personal queue)
so i am storing the value of the queue (unix, network, etc...) in the "Organization" field, so
I took your snippet below:


and changed it to:


Thanks a million!!!!


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Hi Sean,

Here's my understanding of what you're trying to do:
1.  Ticket comes in to default incoming queue.
2.  An admin sees it and changes the Owner to himself.
3.  The ticket moves into the admin's personal queue.

If that is it, there's a pretty simple way to do this.  Use your "On Owner 
Change" scrip and replace the actions stuff with this.  It should move the 
ticket into a queue that has the same name as the ticket owner.


If your objective is something else, could you clarify that for me?


At 06:28 PM 8/22/2007, Sean wrote:
>Hi, I am trying to modify one of the contributed scrip's on here which 
>relates to "taking a ticket" and having it automatically go to a certain 
>queue. We have one queue that all requests go to (i.e. customer facing) 
>and the admins have their own queues of responsibility. I didn't want to 
>screw with custom fields, and because we don't use the information in the 
>customer info page (i.e address etc..) I figured just for the admin's, I 
>would put the queue name in the organization field. So, here is the scrip, 
>which I have tried for hours to get to work (so there may be some 
>extraneous things here) - Basically, the problem as I see it, is that I 
>can't get the syntax or something correct to get the value in the 
>organization field, as when I set: $newqueue = "queue1" - the code DOES 
>change the queue, but I can't get it to grab the value in the organization 
>field. The scrip is Condition: On Owner Change, Action: User Defined, 
>Template: Global template: blank, Stage is TransactionCreate Script in 
>Custom condition: blank Scrip in Custom action preparation code: return 1 
>Scrip in action cleanup code: my $User = new RT::User($RT::SystemUser); 
>$User->Load( $User->Organization); my $newqueue = $User->Organization; 
>$newqueue = ($User->Organization); $RT::Logger->info("Ticket took by an 
>admin : new ticket in admin queue"); my ($status, $msg) = 
>$self->TicketObj->SetQueue($newqueue); $RT::Logger->info("Set queue to 
>($newqueue)"); return 1; Output in /var/log/messages: Aug 22 21:25:38 rt 
>RT: Ticket took by an admin : new ticket in admin queue ((eva l 2459):6) 
>Aug 22 21:25:38 rt RT: Set queue to () ((eval 2459):9) Thanks for any 
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