[rt-users] Sending reply to the requester only on action by owner

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Fri Aug 24 15:08:55 EDT 2007

Hi Liam,

It looks like "Notify Requestors" (as a scrip action) and "Reply to 
requestors" (as a web gui update type) send mail only to the 
requestor(s).  If you manually add someone else as a Cc: then there's no 
way you can prevent them from hitting Reply To All.  That would be a Boss 
Training Issue.

On the other hand, if you Bcc: the boss then his copy of the e-mail 
shouldn't have the requestor's address on it (but he also wouldn't know 
that the requestor got a copy of it as well).


At 11:11 AM 8/24/2007, Liam R. MacInnes wrote:
>RT 3.6.1 is there any way to only send email from the Owner back to the 
>requestor? Eg, the problem I'm having is if I CC someone else a response 
>to the ticket. Example a requester and their boss as a CC If the boss 
>replies I don't necessicarily want that going to the requester. Default 
>appears to be a "reply all" kind of behavior.
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