[rt-users] RT stops sending mails to ticket requestors

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Fri Aug 24 14:36:20 EDT 2007


System groups:
Everyone: CreateTicket
Unprivileged: CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, ShowOutgoingEmail, Watch
Requestor: CreateTicket, ModifyTicket, ReplyToTicket, ShowOutgoingEmail, Watch

No user-defined groups with special privileges exist.

For the problematic queue:
Everyone: CommentOnTicket, CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket

I really can't see any more privileges that might collide with the reply to the
ticket requestor, however the fact that only new requestors receive a reply
points into that direction I think...

Any idea on how to debug that? The debug log just says "no recipient found, not
sending" on one of the "problematic" cases, but it doesn't say why...



PS: And sorry for the resend.

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