[rt-users] RT stops sending mails to ticket requestors

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Sun Aug 26 09:45:46 EDT 2007

Kenneth Crocker schrieb:
> Christopher,
>     Did you happen to modify the scrip to do a "notify" instead of an
> "autoreply"? A notify will not send an E_mail to the requestor if the
> requestor is the creator of the ticket, an autoreply will.

No - the following scrips are active for that queue:

Scrips which apply to all queues

    * Open Blank
      On Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank
    * OwnerChangeNotify
      On Owner Change Notify Owner with template Transaction
    * CreateNotifyAdminCC
      On Create Notify AdminCcs with template Transaction
    * CorrespondNotifyAdminCC
      On Correspond Notify AdminCcs with template Admin Correspondence
    * CorrespondNotifyReq
      On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence
    * CorrespondNotify
      On Correspond Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence
    * CommentNotifyAdminCC
      On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Admin Comment
    * CommentNotify
      On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment with template Correspondence

Current Scrips

On Create Autoreply To Requestors with template Autoreply de-punkt

AFAICT, they are all untouched.

I'm really at a loss as to where the problem might be...


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