[rt-users] Help with 3.4 -> 3.6 RT Upgrade on Ubuntu 6.06 -- RT at a glance "Content MyRT Line 75" error

Garrett Wengreniuk garrett at freebyrd.ca
Wed Aug 29 02:15:32 EDT 2007

My apologies if there's a simple answer to this question, but I've been
fighting with it for most of the day now.


I'm running Ubuntu Server 6.06 (in a vmware environment if that makes a
difference) and installed RT 3.4 via apt-get


We did some playing with 3.4 and it's working fine via web and email. So
far so good.


I went to use a feature I had seen, and realized it was added in a later
version. This prompted the decision to attempt an upgrade to 3.6


My steps were as follows:


1.       Add the feisty universe source so I had request-tracker3.6

2.       Run apt-get update

3.       Run apt-get install rt3.6-apache2 (per a post I had read to
allow support for apache2)

4.       Run apt-get install request-tracker3.6

5.       Configure /etc/apache2/sites-available/default to point to the
3.6 apache2-modperl2.conf rather than 3.4

6.       Run the rt-setup-database -action insert command to update the
database with the 3.5.1 content (only update that appears pertinent from

7.       Restart the apache2 service


When I do this it appears my database is intact as I get the login
screen and can use my previous credentials. As well, I can access other
parts of the web interface (haven't tried injecting via email yet, but I
assume that will work as well). Queues still exist, etc.


The problem is the RT At a Glance screen. I get the dreaded "Can't call
method 'Content'" / MyRT line 75 error (full copy below).


All searches I've done seem to suggest that I'm missing content from my
database, but suggest I should run step #6 above again or some variant -
they also all seem to indicate that this solves the problem, but in my
case it doesn't... I've attempted to figure out upgrading via source but
can't seem to get that to work (various issues that seem much farther
off than I am right now). 


My full command was /usr/sbin/rt-setup-database -p -action insert
-datadir /etc/request-tracker3.6/upgrade/3.5.1/ and I've confirmed the
file "content" exists in that folder. Nothing else does, and I'm
assuming that's why -action schema and -action acl fail, but I'm also
assuming that's expected J


I'm sure I'm missing something stupid here, but I'm still a  linux
rookie (although the last two days of configuring RT, nagios and cacti
has taught me a lot :P ). Any help in the right direction will be
greatly appreciated.  If there's any information that would help with
the diagnosis, I'm happy to provide it!


Thanks in advance for any assistance.






System error


Can't call method "Content" on an undefined value at
/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/html/Elements/MyRT line 75.





unless (exists $session{'my_rt_portlets'}) {


my ($d_portlets) =


my $user = $session{'CurrentUser'}->UserObj;


$session{'my_rt_portlets'} = $user->Preferences('HomepageSettings',





my $portlets = $session{'my_rt_portlets'};



code stack: 


raw error <http://rt.vtn-tech.com/rt#raw> 

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