[rt-users] newest unowned tickets not including open

Sam Tilders sam at jovianprojects.com.au
Thu Aug 30 03:18:51 EDT 2007


I have RT 3.6.4 installed, and I'm trying to work through the
usability for our office staff.

My problem is with the "10 newest unowned tickets" display on the user

The top 10 never shows "open" tickets owned by "Nobody", however when
I look at the search by clicking on the section title it shows the
query is o

Owner = Nobody AND (Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open')

If I click through to the unrestricted list it includes the open

I can't find where the homepage display is filtering out the open
tickets or if it is even using the query it claims to be using in the
link through to the full list.

Can anyone tell me where it's being filtered or how I can set it to
show open tickets?


- Sam

Sam Tilders
sam at jovianprojects.com.au
(Move to Jupiter)

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