[rt-users] Best ways to create a web based ticket submission without login?

Robert Long rlong at bluegecko.net
Thu Aug 30 17:06:55 EDT 2007

Thierry Thelliez wrote:
> How would you create a web form that will be used by users that do not
> have an RT account?
> The self service interface is simple but I need something even
> simplier: users fill a form and press submit. That's all. No
> authentication, No ticket list. On the form they should fill several
> custom fields including a way to identify them back (name, email). The
> only thing they need to see is a ticket submission page.
> Behind the scene this form will populate an RT ticket for a predefined
> queue and another group of users will process the requests/tickets.
> How should I get started with these requirements?
> Thanks,
> Thierry Thelliez

Why don't you just have the webpage backed to sending an email into your
ticketing system?

if that doesn't work why not use the RT command line interface?  Try 'rt
help create'


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