[rt-users] RT stops sending mails to ticket requestors

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Fri Aug 31 12:24:42 EDT 2007

Stick some debugging statements in your scrip and examine the log.

my $requestors = <code for getting requestors goes here>
$RT::Logger->debug("Scrip 43 Cleanup: Requestor list is: $requestors");

At 01:51 AM 8/31/2007, Christopher Kunz wrote:
>I really need a solution to this problem ASAP, our complete ticketing has 
>to a halt. How can it happen that only a completely new requestor (not 
>known to
>RT before) receives the initial autoreply and all correspondence via 
>e-mail, but
>all known requestors don't receive anything *at all*?
>Without RT sending responses to requestors, it has no use for our organization
>at all, I really need this fixed...
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