[rt-users] Global scrip modification - action failing

Helmuth Ramirez HelmuthRamirez at compupay.com
Fri Jun 1 17:29:03 EDT 2007

When you say you tested with some owned by you and some owned by
others...if you comment on a ticket owned by yourself, you won't get an
e-mail.  If you comment on a ticket where you are the requestor, you
won't get an e-mail.  


If you DO want this then you have to change your site config file to


Set($NotifyActor, 1);


If the above does not apply to you (you weren't the owner or requestor
of the ticket when you commented on it), then its time to check those
logs ;-)


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We want to configure the RT notification system so that any comments on
a ticket are emailed to the owner of the ticket. 


To do this, we modified the default scrip #8 (On Comment Notify Admin
CCs as Comment with template Admin Comment). Now the settings for this
scrip are:


Description: Owner Comment Notification

Condition: On Comment

Action: Notify Owner

Template: Global template: Admin Comment

Stage: Transaction Create


However, I have commented on existing and new tickets (some owned by me,
some owned by others) and no notification was generated. 


I have granted all rights to the role "Owner" Globally. I have also made
sure that the UserId of the Owner is Privileged.


Furthermore, when I use the RT interface to Comment on a ticket, I do
not see the appropriate "This message will be sent to... On Comment
Notify Owner with template Admin Comment" notification setting. The only
scrip listed under "This message will be sent to..." is the default
scrip #9, "On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment with template


We are using RT 3.6.3. I am a relatively new RT user so please advise if
I have overlooked a resource in trying to troubleshoot this issue. I
have already looked through the O'Reilly RT Essentials book, as well as
the RT Wiki and the rt-user mailing list archive.


Thank you,

Sarah Pomerantz 

sarah at bottlenose-wine.com



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