[rt-users] RT 4

Brian Gallew geek+rt at cmu.edu
Tue Jun 5 08:48:42 EDT 2007

Robert Grasso wrote:
> Microsoft has accustomed so many people to consider that IT IS this 
> colorful window with buttons and the mouse, now KDE and Gnome go
> this way too (Gnome is hiding every possible technical aspect it can - it's a pain to me and geeks and a joy for non-IT people). I
> can hear your arguments about the technical limitation of a browser and such. But usual people can't and don't want to. Usual people
> want to use softwares (whatever software) without any kind of hassle - our support staff are these kind of people, and the
> workaround that you use and suggest is an unpleasant fix to them, they dislike and reject it even if they use it, and "the comfort
> functions should be added, because this is the way IT goes nowadays" (I was reporting here my people's opinion).

Ignoring the obvious fact that you responded to an honest question about 
desired features with an honest request for a feature, I fear you are 
faced with an insurmountable problem: RT isn't client-based, and 
therefore has no interesting offline mode.  Outlook works the way it 
does because everything is written to local disk, and is running on the 
local machine.  You may want to look into the Java client that was 
advertised earlier (in spite of its deficiencies).

The email interface may actually be a valuable alternative.  Since you 
refer to Outlook, may I assume you are using Exchange Server?  If that's 
the case, there may be some interesting things you can do with forms and 
so forth (really, I don't know, as I don't use either).  Zimbra has a 
nice model which seems like someone with a gift for Exchange should be 
able to copy somewhat, though it's another web based product, and 
therefore subject to the deficiencies of any web-based products.

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