[rt-users] RT 4 (and online text-processing)

Robert Grasso Robert.Grasso at cedrat.com
Tue Jun 5 09:53:10 EDT 2007

> Ignoring the obvious fact that you responded to an honest question about
> desired features with an honest request for a feature, I fear you are
> faced with an insurmountable problem: RT isn't client-based, and
> therefore has no interesting offline mode.  Outlook works the way it
> does because everything is written to local disk, and is running on the
> local machine.  You may want to look into the Java client that was
> advertised earlier (in spite of its deficiencies).
> The email interface may actually be a valuable alternative.  Since you
> refer to Outlook, may I assume you are using Exchange Server?  If that's
> the case, there may be some interesting things you can do with forms and
> so forth (really, I don't know, as I don't use either).  Zimbra has a
> nice model which seems like someone with a gift for Exchange should be
> able to copy somewhat, though it's another web based product, and
> therefore subject to the deficiencies of any web-based products.

we are using sendmail.

But I am wondering whether the problem is insurmountable : the draft could be saved INTO the database, with appropriate addressing
taking care of the current user and/or the current ticket number, and NOT on the local disk : what about the Wikipedia "Show
Preview" ? the currently edited page is saved ONTO their server, and my temporary page is not confused with somebody's else
temporary page. Thus there is an appropriate addressing.

More : what about Google text processing (formerly Writely) ? here we have all required features, bells and whistles, and everything
is online, not offline ! when I click on File->Save, my document is saved onto their servers, not on my local disk. Hey Jesse : I
DON'T expect that you embed a complete online text-processor into RT !! I am requesting for a simple online "Save draft" ...

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