[rt-users] text editing in internet browsers (WAS: RT 4) (RT against normal people ?)

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Jun 5 13:42:41 EDT 2007

To all on this worn-out subject,

	I've been in this business for almost 40 years and I've heard 
complaints from geeks to freaks to dummies in huge, large, small, 
micro-small, and medium environments (there is no such thing as 
"normal", in ANY context) about their software not doing enough for 
them. No one ever seems to be completely happy with what they have. Wow! 
Big surprise! They have to put up with a little difficulty or 
work-around or inconvenience. Too bad, so sad. Life is tough and we all 
have to put up with inconveniences and things not working the way we 
want them to. All right already. This discussion has taken on the 
proportions of a religious philosophy and is getting boring. RT 
communication on tickets works well enough to get the job done either in 
self-service or web-based. We use both. If someone doesn't want to use 
web-based RT for their E_mail replies or correspondence, then they can 
use MSIE or FIREFOX or WHATEVER they want and just reference the ticket 
number. They can save any draft they want to and send it later. RT will 
accept the E_mail when it gets it and put it in the ticket history, job 
done. RT developers are not going to (I hope not, anyway) spend huge 
amounts of time creating a new type of browser/mail-interface when what 
they have does the job well enough now. Let's move on to FEATURES like 
project planning/management, etc.
	Sorry if my attitude has offended anyone but I read RT-User E_mails 
daily and when half of them are pounding a philosophical discussion into 
the ground (instead of sharing current technical problem-solving 
involving code, permissions, etc.), I grow weary. The question initially 
was for suggestions on technical features, not for a philosophical 
debate ad infinitum. Maybe I've lost some patience in my old age. ;-)


Robert Grasso wrote:
>> Comparing a internet browser to a word processor makes no sense. Perhaps
>> your users should be composing their replies in a text editor if they
>> are losing their form posting content so often.
> sorry as I did not recognize the subject at first - please refer to my previous answer today (using subject : RT 4)
> our support staffers don't lose their posts. They are afraid they can lose them, and this is enough for normal people to ask for
> some form of protection. Now, if you say : "Comparing a internet browser to a word processor makes no sense" : should we say that we
> should not have "normal" people (non-IT people) using RT ?
> Now, up to what point are you right ? See Wikipedia technology for writing articles : it's beginning to be feature-rich ? so
> enhanced editing seems to be possible even with a browser ? I guess that their "Show preview" is not so far from the feature I am
> asking for RT.
> Maybe we should have an official position from the RT developers : is RT definitely for geeks ? normal people keep out ? what is the
> comunity opinion ?
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