[rt-users] Autohandler invoked twice per request

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 5 16:11:45 EDT 2007

At Tuesday 6/5/2007 03:56 PM, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
>check $m->base_comp->path

Aha - you may have uncovered my bug! I had a print.css file without 
"inherit => undef" in a flags section, so that was causing the second 
call to autohandler.

Thanks so much,

>On 6/5/07, Stephen Turner <sturner at mit.edu> wrote:
>>I'm doing some debugging and I noticed that autohandler (in the root
>>directory) seems to be called twice for each request. Is that normal,
>>and why is it invoked twice?

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