[rt-users] "You're almost there" and multiple installs.

José de Paula Eufrásio Júnior jose.junior at mds.gov.br
Tue Jun 5 16:37:36 EDT 2007

So, I followed the Multiple Installs [1] instructions on the Wiki using 
mod_perl2 and it didn't work. So I went trying configurations and still 
not working. Right now I have:

/opt/rt3 (first rt, it's working in SSL and works ok)
/opt/rt3_one (this one don't work)
/opt/rt3_two (neither do this)

I configured 3 "VirtualHosts" sections in my sites-enabled from apache2 
   and each one includes the line

Include "/opt/rt3/etc/apache2-modperl2.conf"

but each one with the correct path. I edited the .confs too and pointed 
the paths to the right locations. I too edited the RT_SiteConfig files 
to point to the correct web address and roots.

Even doing that, all I got is the "You're almost there" page, even the 
modperl configuration sets the handler to /rt.

Is there anything else on creating multiple instances? The SSL instance 
always work, the other ones that I'm creating in the default :80 hosts 
always give me the "You're almost there", even with the configuration 
being the same as the SSL one.

Please, help? :)

Jose P. E. Junior

[1] http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?MultipleInstances

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