[rt-users] RT-Extension-CommandByMail: salutations cause Extended mailgate error

Eugenia Distefano eugenia at eecg.toronto.edu
Mon Jun 11 10:29:33 EDT 2007


We are a team of sysadmins and use RT to track users' requests.
We are currently running RT 3.6.1 with RT-Extension-CommandByMail-0.05
on Solaris 2.8.

We have had several occasions where correspondence from users
including a salutation with one of the sysadmins' name followed by
a colon triggered an "Extended mailgate error" because of the unknown
command (i.e., "Jim:", "Matthew:", etc.). The user's message actually
goes through, but the users are very confused by the error message.

I looked very quicky at the extension's code and will likely
add a few lines to TakeAction.pm so that the error message is
only sent out if it is generated by a message whose sender is
one of us sysadmins -- to avoid confusion for the users.  I am,
of course, aware that this would be a really ugly fix, but it is
quick and easy: I am not a perl programmer and don't have the
time to go through the source to look for a better solution.

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem
and had a better fix that I could copy. :)


Eugenia Distefano <eugenia AT eecg.toronto.edu> Office: GB254C
Research Computing Services Manager             Phone:  Tel: (416) 946-5379
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

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