[rt-users] Using rt-setup-database with local version of Handle.pm

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 13 01:48:04 EDT 2007

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In order to talk to my RT mysql database via SSL, I had to create a local 
customized version of lib/RT/Handle.pm, in which I provide a variable to 
BuildDSN (that I set in RT_SiteConfig.pm) specifying a string to be added 
to the 'connect' statement, pointing to a 'my.cnf' file (containing mysql 
SSL information).  This works fine for normal RT operation.

However, when I try to run rt-setup-database, to update my db schema, it 
appears that my local version of Handle.pm is not being used.  My db 
connect fails because, it appears, $Handle->DSN is returning the value 
that the distributed version of Handle.pm would set, rather than what my 
local version of Handle.pm should set.  So the SSL information not being 
supplied to the db connect.

[This schema update worked OK before I started connecting to the db via 
SSL and using my customized Handle.pm].

As far as I can tell, rt-setup-database is doing the following:

   use lib "/users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/local/lib";
   use lib "/users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/lib";
   require RT::Handle;

which I would expect to result in my local copy of Handle.pm being used.

Am I missing something here?  The fact is, my db connection is failing in 
rt-setup-database and this seems to be the result of the Handle->DSN value 
that's being used.  The failure is in authenticating to the db, which I 
assume is caused by my not supplying the SSL info.

Any suggestions?



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