[rt-users] Using rt-setup-database with local version of Handle.pm

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 13 13:03:21 EDT 2007

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On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 at 22:48 (-0700), I wrote:

> In order to talk to my RT mysql database via SSL, I had to create a 
> local customized version of lib/RT/Handle.pm, in which I provide a 
> variable to BuildDSN (that I set in RT_SiteConfig.pm) specifying a 
> string to be added to the 'connect' statement, pointing to a 'my.cnf' 
> file (containing mysql SSL information).  This works fine for normal RT 
> operation.
> However, when I try to run rt-setup-database, to update my db schema, it 
> appears that my local version of Handle.pm is not being used. ... As far 
> as I can tell, rt-setup-database is doing the following:
>  use lib "/users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/local/lib";
>  use lib "/users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/lib";
>  ...
>  require RT::Handle;

I found the problem with rt-setup-database.  I replaced the above 'use' 
statements with this:

  use lib qw (/users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/local/lib /users/ist-rt/RT/rt/ist-rt/lib);

and then my local version of Handle.pm was picked up.

Anyway, all this is really in relation to a different problem I'm having. 
After moving the db from an RT 3.4.5 system to my new 3.6.3 system, and 
then running rt-setup-database to apply the db updates that bring 3.4.5 to 
3.6.3, I'm still seeing strange symptoms in my web interface:

Inside a ticket display, some of the text from within an attachment is 
also appearing on top of the upper part of the screen, sort of overlaying, 
or mingling with, the logo and banner of the page.  Yet, a 'view source' 
of the page doesn't show that text at the top at all!

Also, the attachment contents themselves are not properly formatted: links 
are mixed in with text in an ugly way.

What can be causing this web display weirdness, given that all the data 
appears actually to be in the db?  (In fact, my dba, who copied over the 
3.4.5 db to the 3.6.3 system, says the two versions of the db compared 
exactly, byte for byte, before I ran my update scripts).



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