[rt-users] Not saving custom fields in RTFM upon Article creation

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Wed Jun 13 02:35:04 EDT 2007

Jeff Platter wrote:
> I’m using RTFM 2.2.0RC5 with RT 3.6.3. I have created a custom field for 
> the body of the article. I have setup all permissions on the custom 
> field and added it to the class that I want it in. When creating a new 
> article it doesn’t save the value of the custom field that I have. I 
> have to go back in to the article and modify the field and then it saves ok.
> Is this a bug or is there a setting that I’m missing?
Probably a bug since it sounds familiar to me, but I have recently 
upgraded my test instance to rt-3.6.4rc1, need todo rc2, and upgraded 
RTFM to the latest  (2.2.0RC6) and the problem doesn't  show up in this 
configuration and it doesn't for our production environment which is 
rt-3.6.3 with RTFM v2.2.0RC6 but it did with the previous version of 
RTFM. I'm not entirely sure that was RC5 but judging from my directories 
at the server probably not but RC3.

So try RC6,


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