[rt-users] user names appearing in comments dropdown

Michael Kukla kukla at caset.buffalo.edu
Wed Jun 13 10:26:35 EDT 2007

We've discovered that once-privileged users who have definitely been 
disabled via
         Let this user access RT (unchecked)
         Let this user be granted rights (unchecked)

still show up in the "Owner" dropdown one encounters when attempting to 
"Comment" on a ticket.

As a first attempt to rectify recity this (mostly, btw, out of
respect for the pair of disabled users of ours who have unfortunately 
passed away), I found all the tickets owned by any disabled user and 
re-assigned the ownership to root.

But this did not result in the elimination of their names from the dropdown.

What is even stranger, I've found that the the list of users that 
appears in the Comments/Owners dropdown varies depending upon which 
privileged user currently owns the ticket

We're running RT 3.4.5 with:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3
Mysql 5.0.21
perl 5.8.8

Any suggestions to deal with this phenomenon/probelm will be greatly 


Mike Kukla
University at Buffalo/CASet

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