[rt-users] Delete large attachment

Tim Hill timatqems at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 07:42:39 EDT 2007


I have a member of staff who has decided to attach docuements to his tickets
in bitmap format, unfortunately these bitmap images are between 4 and 8 MB
in size and they have taken up more space in a day of doing this than the
rest of the RT system has taken up in almost a year of operation.

 I don't mind if the tickets have to be deleted, they can be recreated
easily enough. How can I get rid of these attachments from the RT database?
Where are the attachments stored and what are my options for getting rid of

I am using the following:
RT version 3.4.4 from an ubuntu package.
Server version of dapper drake 6.06 LTS (webmin shows this as 6.06.1)
Webmin version 1.320
PostgreSQL version 7.4.12 (With schemas)

Please let me know if you require any other information.

Thanks in advance,
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