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I had submitted a Crystal Reports report which included some (not all) the information you requested. 

The email needed to be approved due to the file size. I think it got lost somewhere :(

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Does RT have any "built in" or standalone "reporting tools"? To answer
questions like:

% Average (both mean and median) time between ticket creation +
someone taking ticket.

% Average time between ticket creation + reply to user (comments don't count)

% Average time to ticket resolution.

% Average time ticket spends stalled.

% Stats above for a specific queue or support staff member

% Average number of tickets each support staff member handles per day/week

% etc, etc, etc.

Even if people don't fill out the "time spent" part of the ticket, you
could generate many of the stats above from the MySQL tables. Has
anyone done this?

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new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

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