[rt-users] Ticket links use localhost in url?

Brian Buchanan BrianBuchanan at interfast.ca
Wed Jun 20 13:33:58 EDT 2007

*I solved this as I was writing it but I'll explain my problem and my solution

When I link two tickets, Depends, Depended, Parent, Child, Refers, Refers to,
the url's host is always localhost.  i.e.

The actual site url is http://helpdesk.my.domain/

Everything else works, except for link links (link urls).

The solution was to add
Set($WebBaseURL , "http://helpdesk.my.domain:$WebPort");

to RT_SiteConfig.pm

I'm not sure how it was missed when RT was setup, but the Links was the only
place I found where it was a problem.


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