[rt-users] AutoReply vs Notify

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Jun 20 16:33:05 EDT 2007

To all,

	I have just run into an interesting problem (for me anyway). We have 
several notification scrips, all of which specify the action "Notify 
Requestor" for such conditions as when the ticket status changes and a 
few others. In ALL cases, the E_mail gets sent to the requestor and is 
also recorded in the ticket history. All well and good. The scrip we use 
for ticket creation specifies "AutoReply to Requestor" and that, too, 
works as expected. In an effort to create a little consistency, I 
changed the action for the "on create" scrip from "AutoReply to 
Requestor" to "Notify Requestor". Goodness! You'd think I had cut the 
power to the Dow Jones Industrial. Nobody got any E-mails, anywhere and 
nothing was recorded into the ticket history when a ticket was created. 
This is a Global scrip so I guess I really messed up. I couldn't find 
any difference (relevent to the Requestor getting E_mail) in the 
description of the two actions in the RT Essentials book (again, I think 
this book REALLY NEEDS be re-written). So, my question is, "does anyone 
know why this change should make such a difference in the result?" I 
really thought the two were a bit redundant, but obviously not. help???


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