[rt-users] Self-service ticket creation

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Jun 21 14:29:51 EDT 2007


	We have that as well, it's just that some of our user's just want to 
send E_mail, period. So, we'll have to come up with something. Thanks.


detertj at msoe.edu wrote:
> * Kenneth Crocker <KFCrocker at lbl.gov> [070621 12:03]:
>> To all,
>> 	We use self-service for those who just want to send in a note and 
>> 	get a ticket created (they have the address of the queue). We do not have 
>> any forms for them to fill out and send in with other ticket information. 
>> We would like to do that; have a format for them to send with all pertinent 
>> data. How is this done? Do you have them send the E_mail with an 
>> attachement or have the body formated with reserved words followed by 
>> the corresponding data or what? Thanks.
> We use the LDAP-Overlay, and just let our end lusers login to RT.  From
> there, they can create a ticket, view their own tickets, or close their
> own tickets.  That's it.
> With the LDAP-overlay, we don't need to create them accounts.  They just
> login, and they're set.
> - Jon

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