[rt-users] Custom Field value mandatory on resolve

Edge, Sean Sean.Edge at mtvnmix.com
Thu Jun 21 16:17:00 EDT 2007

You can accomplish this using Scrips.  I shared a few Scrips about a
week ago which we have implemented, one of which dealt with an OnResolve
condition and two "mandatory" CustomFields.  Take a quick peek through
the list archives, if you can't find it you can contact me directly.


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Unfortunately Stan's question from April is still unanswered. Is there
no way to make a custom field mandatory on resolve?

The origin question was:


Hello again to everyone!

I have read the threads and found lots of opinions on how to make
entering Custom Field value mandatory upon ticket creation.
I'm interested however in a different feature.

Most of our tickets are created after users send us an e-mail.
We want our support engineers to choose a value for a Custom Field "Type
of Request" before resolving the ticket.
Using standard RT interface I couldn't implement such feature. Ticket
would get resolved even if Custom Field value is not defined (though I
put Mandatory validation for it).

Basically what I want is to disable ticket resolving unless a value for
Custom Field has been entered.

Anyone knows if this is possible without messing with RT core files?


PS: we're using RT 3.6.1 btw


Sorry, I have no idea how to reply to the corresponding message in the
list - without having the message as an e-mail.


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