[rt-users] multiple deletes

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 26 08:58:05 EDT 2007

At Tuesday 6/26/2007 08:33 AM, slamp slamp wrote:
>is it safe to delete tickets directly from the mysql db? meaning
>change status to 'delete' from 'new'? and then let RTx-Shredder do its
>thing? we have a bunch of tickets that needs to be deleted (SPAM got
>through) and there is not quick way of deleting them other than going
>into the actual ticket setting status to deleted. is there a delete
>link? like a take link?

It's generally not safe to do updates directly to the database, 
unless you have a thorough understanding of the schema - and it's 
very complex in places. As always I'd recommend learning how to write 
Perl scripts that use the RT API.

But in this case, could you not use bulk update in the web interface 
to delete a batch of tickets?


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