[rt-users] RT 3.6.3 and Oracle 10g

Cafiero Mauro, IT mauro.cafiero at pirelli.com
Wed Jun 27 09:07:49 EDT 2007

We use RT 3.4.5 with oracle 10g on suse 10 64bit. The server is on-line since last november without any problem.


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Gilhooley, Dennis wrote:
> 	Greetings!
> 	We are running RT 3.6.3 and are using Oracle 9i as our back end
> database.  We are getting ready for an upgrade of all of our Oracle
> Instances to Oracle 10g.  I am wondering if Oracle 10g is an "officially
> supported" backend database for rt 3.6.3.
> 	From the RT User Manual, I see:
> ===============================================================
> Database backend
> RT stores data in database, you can choose one database management
> system(DBMS):
>     * We recommend MySQL 4.0.18 or newer *with support for InnoDB*.
>     * PostgreSQL 7.4 or later will also work
>     * Oracle 9iR2 or newer 
> ===============================================================
> 	I just want to make sure the "or newer" includes Oracle 10g.
I have been running Oracle XE for the last 15months I haven't had a 
problem sofar.



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