[rt-users] modifying group or queues

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Jun 27 13:05:17 EDT 2007


	Why did you grant the rights to the user when that user already had the 
rights by being in the group? By "all rights" just what do you mean. 
Rights for a queue is not the same as rights to modify a group or 
membership of said group. Just like grant the right to modify a ticket 
is not the same as the right to modify a custom field. What is it you 
want the group (and members in said group) to do? Both in relation to 
tickets in a queue and in terms of administration of a group?


slamp slamp wrote:
> i am stumped. i have granted all rights to a group and all rights to a
> user belonging to that group within the queue and when i log in as
> that user there is no place to modify the group or the queue. where do
> i go?
> i did this in:
> configuration -> groups -> groupname -> group rights
> configuration -> groups -> groupname -> user rights
> configuration -> queue -> queuename -> group rights
> configuration -> queue -> queuename -> user rights
> when i log in as a super user, i can click on configuration and modify
> what i need but when i log in as another user that is not a super
> user, i do not know where i can modify the group or queue. the manual
> states that i should be able to modify queue/group when i grant the
> rights which i did.
> any help is greatly appreciated.
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