[rt-users] mail can't get to RT?

Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Fri Jun 29 02:28:22 EDT 2007

Dave Burns wrote:
> I need a pointer to know what to look for in the sendmail man page/docs.
> I've got RT installed and running and the mailgate working so long as 
> you send email from the same host where RT is installed.
> We have a central mail server on another host. Mail is configured so 
> that mail going out from the RT host goes through the central mail 
> server. Mail "coming back" never actually comes to the RT host, there is 
> an NFS setup so that when mail gets to the central server it delivers it 
> via NFS to the mailbox of the user (or passes it upstream if it is not 
> address to our domain). So when mail comes from other hosts, the central 
> mail server either wants to deliver it as if it was local or pass it 
> upstream to another server with even less of a clue what to do with RT's 
> mail. Although it would make life simpler, hosting RT on the same 
> machine as the central mail server is not going to happen.

> Please give me a hint about what sendmail feature or whatever I should 
> look at to fix this. Give me something to get me in the right ballpark? 
> A crumb?
> Thanks,
> Dave

Here is how it works at my place which uses a central mail server 
(Xmail) and RT is on a seperate host. I have an account (helpdesk) 
configured on Xmail which simple redirects all mail send to it to 
sendmail running on the RT host. There I have sendmail configured per RT 
  Wiki to accept mail on the helpdesk account and pipe it into 
rt-mailgate which gets it into the database.
Checking if your configuration of sendmail on the RT box works can be 
done by telnetting to port 25 and starting the SMTP protocol and see if 
it makes it into RT.
There is a possibility that you need to configure sendmail to accept 
email on its external interface (eth0) too. It already does this on by default. It depends on distribution how this is configured 
by default.

Hope this helps you,


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