[rt-users] Notifications not being sent to 'Cc:' addresses when commenting on a ticket

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Nov 1 13:03:04 EDT 2007


	Comments "default" is to go nowhere except to be cataloged in the 
ticket history (notice drop-down on comments page reads "Comments (not 
sent to Requestors)".
	If you want to make comments on a ticket and have them go somewhere and 
reach those listed in the "cc" of the ticket you need to do the following:
	1) set up a notification scrip either globally or for that queue with 
the condition "On Comment" and the action set to "Notify other 
Recipients" and use either the template "Correspondence" or create a 
special one. I believe the the "notify CC's" refers only to the CC's 
listed as "Watchers" of that queue and I assume you are talking about 
"other" cc's that you either add for the comment only or the one's added 
for the ticket only on the ticket page.
	2) add the addresses for your "cc" recipients (delimited by a comma) in 
the "CC" block or defer to the one's listed specifically for the ticket.
	If you want to have the comment sent to the requestor, then I believe 
you will need another scrip to "Notify Requestor" with the same "On 
Comment" condition. Or you could merely change the drop down box from 
"Comments (not sent to Requestors)" to "Reply to Requestor" and I 
believe that would do it for the requestor as well.
	Hope this helps.


On 11/1/2007 9:12 AM, Matthew Goheen wrote:
> Background info:
> 	RT 3.6.4 (with LDAP support added)
> 	RHEL 5
> 	Postgres 8.1 (RHEL standard install)
> First off -- I'm a little confused.  Do I need to have a scrip in place to send
> email to addresses added on the Cc: line (in the web interface)?  It doesn't
> work either way for me -- but I don't think you need to have a scrip for this
> anyway (since you are explicitly adding the Cc line on the page -- why HAVE
> the field if it does nothing?).  RT doesn't generate the mail at all, as far
> as I can tell (no "outgoing email recorded" message is logged on the ticket).
> They DO work on a correspondence.
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Matt Goheen
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